load a body

Learn how to load the body onto the vehicle equipped a hoist system, to better. while using the control pendant

Unload a body

Learn how to load the body onto the vehicle equipped a hoist system, to better. while using the control pendant



The Cable should be loosely wrapped around, and under the rear overhang attached around the body tiedown as shown.

For more information watch the unloading a body video above


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 Product ForPart NumberPart Name1
 Hoist System321013215,000lbs Electric Winch1
 Hoist System3210133Replacment 15,000lbs Motor1
 Hoist System3210102Warn Realy Block1
 Hoist System3210100Cable Tensioner For 10″ Drum1
 Hoist System3210134Cable 1/2″ Standard 15,000lbs (25′ Length)1
 Hoist System3210153Contractor Control Pack Cover1
 Hoist System3180101Solenoid1
 Hoist System3180102Moncoil – 10V DC1
 Hoist System31801032 Way Valve1
 Hoist System31801044 Way Valve1
 Hoist System3180100Hydraulic Pump Complete1
 Hoist System3170656Pump Reservoir1
 Hoist System3170478Breather Cap1
 Hoist System3180130Pump Motor 12V – DC1
 Hoist System4070101Yellow Rear Roller Assembly1
 Hoist System4070108Side Roller – Bolt (Pre March 2016)1
 Hoist System4070165Side Roller – Bolt (Post March 2016)1
 Hoist System4070100V-Roller Assembly1
 Hoist System4080118Hoist Body Lock 5″1
 Hoist System4080119Hoist Body Lock 6″1
 Hoist System3120112Hoist Front Stop1
 Hoist System4080120Rear Body Hold Down Driver Side1
 Hoist System4080121Rear Body Hold Down Passenger Side1
 Hoist System3170128Blue 5/8″ Body Lock Pin1
Accessory317017419.5″ Plastic Fenders w/ Mounting Kit1
Accessory317017819.5″ Fender Mounting Kit1
Accessory317034719.5″ Fender Support Hardware Kit1
Accessory317084119.5″ Plastic Replacement Fender1
Hoist System3190114Control Pendant w/ 4′ Cord1
Hoist System31901151′ Cord w/ 6-Pole Round Receptacle1
Hoist System319011620′ Cord w/ 6-Pole Round Receptacle1
Hoist System3190117Junction Box Terminal1
Hoist System3190130600 Amp ANL Fuse1
Hoist System3190131ANL Fuse Block Holder1
Hoist System3210145Clear Tap Large1
Hoist System4210129Winch Stop Switch1
Hybrid4070161Front Nose Roller & Bracket 6″ Assembly for the Hybrid1
Hybrid/Mini4070228Poly Ground Roller1
Mini4070160Front Nose Roller & Bracket 5″ Assembly for the Mini1
HybridS7-05Magnetic Plug for Container Mounted TarpFemale socket w/ 4” wire leads & hardwire splice kit (external link)1
HybridS7-07Magnetic Plug for Container Mounted TarpTrailer Side Plug w 4’ cable, storage and connection kit (external link)1
Shipping/Unloading Videos

Shipping/Unloading Videos: See below for available videos on how to handle containers during unloading or how to unstack containers.

  • Fork-lift or crane machine (minimum of 10,000lbs/5tons) to invert the container and transport the doors/gates
  • Hammer & pliers to insert pins into the gate/doors
  • Hook & chain secured to the forklift to lift the gate/doors into place


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