Dealer Municipal Credit Claim

Program Details

The Switch-N-Go Authorized Dealer completes the online form for any Municipal sale that they had not already received a municipal discount under our 2024 Dealer Program. (Example, the product was originally purchased for your stock inventory and then sold to a municipality).An account credit will be received on a quarterly basis. If claim(s) are not claimed (10) days prior to the close of the quarter, they will be paid out in the next quarter. The Invoice to the municipality and the corresponding serial numbers listed must be submitted to qualify.

2%-5% Municipal Discount based on product type as identified in our price catalog.

Program Dates | January 1st — December 20th, 2024

Example: Q3 ends in September. In order to be included in the Q3 payout, claims must be received by September 20th. Any submissions following October 20th will be included in the Q4 payout.


Quarter Start Date Submission Deadline
Q1 2024 December 21, 2023 March 20, 2024
Q2 2024 March 21, 2024 June 20, 2024
Q3 2024 June 21, 2024 September 20, 2024
Q4 2024 September 21, 2024 December 20, 2024