With the 2021 planning season upon us, businesses are beginning to contemplate what equipment they need for the new year. Whether that list includes skid steers and cranes or generators and power tools, it’s more than a “wish list”, it’s a do list. It’s everything they need to not only do their work but do it better, faster, and more efficiently.

Many of those 2021 lists will include new work trucks. We invite you to discover more opportunities beyond a standard upfit. Opportunities that maximize your investment and capabilities without breaking the bank. Let’s talk about the Switch-N-Go® Solution and Ford® Commercial vehicles pairing together to work in the Snow and Ice industry.

Increased Power & Capability in a Familiar Package

Ford has been America’s commercial vehicle leader for more than 30 years. With the recent release of the 2020 F-600 Super Duty chassis cab, Ford has presented a solution that medium duty truck owners have been seeking—class 6 capability, in a class 5 package.

The F-600 boasts a 22,000lb class 6 GVWR but is still built on the familiar class 5 chassis. How? Upgraded chassis components and higher weight rated 19.5” tires and wheels. Offered in the 7.3liter gas V8 or the 6.7liter Power Stroke® diesel, the F-600 chassis features live-drive power takeoff provision that would get lost with an F-650 package. This package allows operators to do more with increased power and capability without stepping up into the next class of truck.

Increased Versatility & Opportunity in an Upfit

For nearly 20 years, Switch-N-Go® has been providing solutions to businesses that want a work truck that can do more. With advantages over both traditional permanent mount units as well as hooklift units, Switch-N-Go offers endless opportunities to maximize investment and opti-mize the workday.

Designed specifically for vehicles with a GVWR of up to 33,000lbs, Switch-N-Go® is ideal for class 4-7 chassis cabs and can be installed on a variety of domestic and import vehicles. The hoist system is available in electric-over-hydraulic and full-hydraulic models with up to 18,000lb lifting capacities. This versatility allows owners to build their ideal work truck by matching the system they need with the chassis they want.

Switch-N-Go® offers a fleet of work truck bodies including dump, arbor and storage bodies, as well as flatbeds, drop box dumpsters, and WorkReady™ subframes. The Switch-N-Go® solution allows your customers to expand their services by purchasing additional interchangeable bodies allowing you, the dealer, opportunities for repeat business.

Compared to a permanent mount unit, Switch-N-Go® has greater versatility with the ability to change based on the application needed. They can go from an Arbor Body to a dumpster rental to a salt spreader in the matter of minutes with just one truck. Ground level loading and unloading helps to provide a safe and more efficient way to get the job done. Hooklift trucks and bodies are heavier, take up a larger footprint, and are more expensive. Switch-N-Go® gives them a greater payload for materials and equipment without breaking the bank. The smaller footprint allows businesses to service rural, residential and urban locations where a larger truck cannot go.

Switch-N-Go® recently launched the Salt Spreader Body, offering another way to increase versatility and payload with the bundle of our service-proven WorkReady™ subframe and Switch-N-Go® Stainless Steel V-Box Spreader. With a 9″ cut out in the rear of the subframe, the spreader is placed more forward than traditional upfits, taking the weight off of the rear axle. The custom Salt Spreader features a 12″ front angle extension that provides additional cubic yardage totaling 4.8. When paired together, they allow significantly more weight in the front axle, ultimately allowing safer operation of the truck.  


The Perfect Pair to Optimize Operations

With the extra 2,500lbs available on the Ford F600 GVWR, paired with the Salt Spreader Body, you can bring home extra revenue every time that truck goes out through the entire season. That extra 2,500lbs and additional cubic yardage available with the Switch-N-Go® Salt Spreader is an extra 1-1.5 cubic yards of salt per truck, per run. If charging $300 per cubic yard, that’s approximately an extra $300 or more in revenue every time that truck is used during the season.

If you are planning to add a new work truck as part of their 2020 plans, look no further than the Ford® F-600 and Switch-N-Go® Solution. When offering increased payload and versatile interchangeable body options, you are creating the perfect pair to optimize their business operations.