For nearly 20 years, Switch-N-Go® has been providing cable hoist systems and interchangeable bodies to the work truck industry. The hoist system is designed for class 4-7 chassis cabs and can be installed on a variety of domestic and import vehicles. Switch-N-Go® offers a fleet of work truck bodies including dump, chipper and platform/equipment bodies, as well as storage/security containers, drop box dumpsters, and upfit-ready subframes. The Switch-N-Go® solution is an ideal fit for businesses that want to minimize investment while maximizing asset utilization.

Quirk Ford in Quincy, Massachusetts has been selling consumer and commercial Ford products for 40 years. Their continued success stems from unparalleled customer service, as well as knowing what their customers want and need.

We talked with Quirk Ford’s 21-year Commercial Account Manager, James Altobello, about how responding to a customer request for a Switch-N-Go® has impacted the business’s commercial vehicle operation.

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S: How did you hear about the Switch-N-Go® system?

Q: About ten years ago, a customer came in and asked if we had Switch-N-Go® systems available. A vendor (Switch-N-Go® Authorized Dealer) brought a demo truck to us, and we began to sell.

S: Why did you decide to sell Switch-N-Go®?

Q: It was a combination of customers coming to us asking for the product by name and having one in stock and customers showing interest. There was a need for that type of product, and we knew it was available.

S: Do you stock trucks with the Switch-N-Go® system?

Q: At first, we didn’t due to only selling a few here and there. In the last 3-4 years, we continue to stock them as much as possible. We like to have 20 or so on hand at all times.

S: How many new accounts have you gained due to offering the Switch-N-Go® products? How many of them have become repeat customers?

Q: Around 40 new accounts. 80% of those have been repeat customers. We stock a good number of them, so people who are looking for a specific color, system lengths, and truck type, will come to us to look at a few different options that are available.

S: Since offering the Switch-N-Go® product, have you discovered new business opportunities?

Q: Yes. We have a big advantage over others, since we offer Switch-N-Go®. We have a good reputation of being a commercial truck dealer. People around here ask where others got the truck from, and when the response is “Quirk Ford,” more people come to the dealership here in Quincy.

S: Would you say that “Word of Mouth” is a good Switch-N-Go® marketing tool?

Q: It is the best. That, along with the use of Commercial Truck Trader helps bring people into our doors.

S: What would you say is the best thing about the Switch-N-Go® product?

Q: If I have to narrow it down to one thing – versatility of the product. There are some customers who don’t need a Switch-N-Go® because of having a larger fleet. For the guys that come in and have 1, 2, or 3 trucks, this product is the perfect fit because they only have to purchase one truck and get multiple uses.