Doing More with Less

How ODOT District #4 is leveraging Switch-N-Go® to maximize operations.

In 2015, ODOT District #4 purchased a Switch-N-Go® system on a Ford F550 medium duty work truck, along with a Dump Body, Chipper Body, and Subframe upfitted with a Salt Spreader. Currently they own two Switch-N-Go trucks with Chipper, Subframe with a V-Box spreader, Equipment Body with growth retardant spray tank, and Dump Bodies. Additionally, they have a third Switch-N-Go upfitted truck and multiple bodies on order for the beginning of next year.

For nearly 20 years, Switch-N-Go® has been providing a service-proven solution to a variety of industries. Switch-N-Go® offers a fleet of work truck bodies including dump, chipper and platform/equipment bodies, as well as upfit-ready subframes. Our hoist system and interchangeable bodies allows users to maximize their operations while minimizing investment.


“No matter where you are or who you’re talking to, money is hurting” (Rick O’Neill, ODOT District #4).

Instead of increasing your fleet count by purchasing multiple trucks with single-use permanent mount bodies, add one Switch-N-Go® upfitted truck that serves multiple purposes. A single Switch-N-Go® upfitted truck can serve as a dump truck, chipper truck, flatbed, spray rig and more, all while increasing your fleet count by one. A multipurpose truck can also reduce the number of single-purpose trucks sitting throughout the year.

With the single operator pendant control, current ODOT employees and Switch-N-Go® users confirm that the system is “easy to operate in the field” (O’ Neill, ODOT District #4). Just unload the system, leave the body and crew on the job site, and drive the truck away to a different job or back to home base, providing easy trackability for fleet managers. Once the job has been fulfilled, the truck can go out again to pick it up and the cycle repeats.


Switch-N-Go® helps you increase your productivity while reducing expenses. It starts with reduced acquisition cost – buy one chassis to upfit with a Switch-N-Go® system, instead of multiple permanent mount trucks. With reduced fleet counts comes reduced registration, insurance, and routine maintenance costs. Plus, you can reduce or even eliminate time and costs of getting trucks up and running that have been sitting idle throughout the year because they only serve a certain purpose. Furthermore, having Switch-N-Go® in your fleet could allow you to liquidate and/or repurpose some of those existing single and specialty use vehicles in your fleet.


To assist with the recent grass growth retardant spray initiative, ODOT District #4 is currently utilizing a custom-built spray rig with their Switch-N-Go® upfitted truck. By having their spraying rig mounted to a Switch-N-Go® platform body, they can easily drop the rig when not in use and utilize the truck for other jobs.

Let’s talk about how one truck with multiple bodies can help reduce idle trucks while increasing your capabilities.